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Catering Services for Business Lunches in Concord NH

Your Busy.

Your time is very valuable.

Many times Concord NH area companies consider having lunches catered.

Catered lunches for…

  •  Important Meetings.
  •  Company Trainings.
  •  Or possibly a more relaxed business occasion.

These are all good reasons to consider a catering service.

Just remember not all catering services in Concord NH are the same.

When thinking about your next business lunch keep a few things in mind…

Your Schedule.

What time do you want to have your lunch break?

Knowing the exact time of lunch will help your team stay focused so they’re not worrying about their next meal. To show your meeting is organized a pre-scheduled lunch is key. Lastly, you can plan your agenda and make sure your last morning session ends close to lunch time and your first afternoon session begins on time.

Will catering disturb your meeting?

The answer should be NO. But we can only speak for First Impressions Catering. Of course there will be minimal distractions during set up. But these distractions will quickly turn into appreciation for a professionally catered lunch.

Remember to specify an exact end time to your meeting. This will allow your catering company to clean up without interring with your meeting.

Your catering service should not charge you a delivery or clean up fee.At First Impressions we consider the deliver and clean up to be part of a wonderful catering experience.


Believe it or not, while advance notice is appreciated, you don’t have to schedule our catered lunch services months in advance. You can contact us up to one week prior to a lunch event.

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