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How to Take The Stress Out of
Picking The Right Wedding Caterer…

From: Peter Silvestro

To: Brides to Be (and all those important friends and family members who help plan your wedding day),

wedding catering concord nhPlanning your perfect wedding day can be extremely stressful.

Not only are you concerned about what date, who to invite, and where to hold it, but most importantly who to entrust with one of the most important facets of your special day…who will you hire to flawlessly carry out my wedding catering?

You have your gown…you have your venue…and you have decided that distant Uncle Jack and his strange family, absolutely need to be invited. You have picked the perfect venue in the Southern New Hampshire and Concord area… One that perfectly matches the dreams of you and your soul-mate. Breathtaking views and a simple rustic elegance.

But still… the burning question is…who will deliver seamless catering services to grace our special day of nuptials…?

I have heard from more than one source that “First Impressions Catering of Concord New Hampshire is a true diamond in the rough…a relative unknown caterer… amongst the many hotel catering behemoths that produce a cookie cutter, plastic replica of the last 20 weddings they have performed.”

First Impressions Catering brings with its reputation for perfection…25 years of solid catering success, an owner and a competent staff that treat you like their family…and a company that is just very pleasant to do business with.

First Impressions Catering in Concord NH

Yes, I am the proud owner Peter Silvestro

Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.

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